Balancing Act, LLC: Helping you clear the way.


Balancing Act provides energy, humor, insight and just a wee bit of tough love to get clients unstuck, de-cluttered and happier in their homes and lives. We offer one-on-one organizing services at an hourly rate. We can also audit your needs and arm you with the tools to tackle the job on your own. Please contact us to set up a free, 15-minute phone consultation.




Invite Balancing Act founder Paige Trevor to bring her message of organized parenting to your school, office or parents’ group. During her ten years as a parent educator and public speaker, Paige has developed tried-and-true methods for establishing efficient routines and a peaceful household. Learn more about her current parenting workshop "Order and Calm All Year Long." Paige can inspire your group with 1-2 hours of lively, engaging and ultimately practical advice.


Sometimes a shot of inspiration is all you need to get the ball rolling. Find Balancing Act’s effective organizing and parenting advice in Washington Parent, the Glover Park Gazette, on our blog and on our Pinterest page. Need a quote or an article from a parenting expert? Contact Balancing Act founder Paige Trevor.